1. Saturday morning studio blast. (at house of reekruffs)

  2. Meridian

    Jeff Kraus

  3. Now showing at Rox Gallery, Manhattan. http://roxnyc.com/

  4. Finished commission for a friend in Brooklyn.

  6. Pals. (at house of reekruffs)

  7. Early morning studio session at Gaspard. Looking forward to sharing new work at the gallery.

    FREE opens 08.01 gaspardgallery.com (at GASPARD)

  8. New studio cart.

  9. Little section of one of two paintings I made for the new The soil and the sun album MERIDIAN. #thesoilandthesun

  10. Studio Sundays.
    #jeffkraus (at house of reekruffs)

  11. Framed Commission.


  12. Sent this fun commission off to manhattan. (at GASPARD)

  13. J. REEKRUFFS trading cards / 16 in the series. For sale this Friday at Gaspard Gallery, Grand Rapids. (at GASPARD)

  14. Night after night. (at house of reekruffs)

  15. Neither here nor there.
    #jeffkraus (at house of reekruffs)